Every garden is a unique synthesis of people and place.

As an extension of the owner’s home, it is an expression of their functional and aesthetic preferences. Set within its specific environmental context – earth type, orientation and climate – it will only flourish if those conditions are respected.

The best gardens are perfectly suited to their purpose and site. And, as a living external space, they will evolve across seasons and years: growing and adapting with their owners and the surroundings for perennial appeal not only to the eyes, but also to the heart and mind.

The creation of your own, distinct garden should be fun; there is nothing quite like it.

In its design, we work with our clients to imagine the future – what the garden will offer in spring, summer, autumn and winter – this year and years hence. We find the right balance between creative and practical elements to achieve an inviting space with meaning, function and delight. By taking cues from the surrounding landscape, we settle it within its context to realise a timeless space, where the owner can become immersed in recreation, relaxation and appreciation of nature.

There should be a rhythm and a magic to it that connects with, and cultivates the spirit.