Wedding and Events Garden

Merley House, Dorset

This beautiful Georgian manor house, set in a vast expanse of lawn, needed structured  gardens of equal interest and elegance to create the consummate venue, outside and in.

A central water fountain leads the eye out of the house to other focal points: the existing millennium tree, with new seating circling the truck, to a birdcage gazebo nestled within varied-height planting.

Tree planting adds height across the lawn, while evergreen Laurus nobilis cones provide structure and rhythm to link the sweeping borders, where seasonal flowering and pollinators layer for a sensorial feast. From Prunus and Malus ornamental trees and shrubs, with their stunning autumn colours and displays of scented blossoms in springtime, to rose bushes with perennials flowing around to add rich texture, colour and form.

An invitingly softened setting for a wedding reception, civil ceremony or conference.

Photography by Lucy Shergold.