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How to Improve Your Small Garden Design with Trees

The Structural Importance of Trees in Garden Design  Don’t be afraid of planting a tree in a small garden. Well positioned trees for small gardens can add enormous value to the space. They provide structural permanence, acting as pillars of the garden or the bones around which, the softer, fluffy, colourful floral display can express […]

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Using Water to Improve Your Garden Design in 2024

Water enhances any garden space. It adds atmosphere, provides interesting reflections, and creates sound to muffle noises beyond the boundaries of the garden. Water is guaranteed to improve the biodiversity in the garden. Attracting birds, bees and insects, not to mention our amphibious friends. Frogs are a gardener’s friend, addressing the balance as natural predators, […]

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Enhance your Planting Design in the Winter Garden

These short days and dark evenings may seem like a dormant time for gardens, but it is actually a crucial period for garden and planting design. Assessing what a garden needs in the winter cannot be underestimated, as continued planting design provides the structure for a garden’s overall aesthetic. Without the distraction of vibrant blooms […]

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Top 10 Tips to Enhance your Wildlife Garden this Autumn

Autumn in your garden means embracing simplicity and finding joy in nature. It’s the season of cosy jumpers, hot drinks, and the satisfying crunch of leaves underfoot. Your wildlife garden can become a haven of simple pleasures – watching birds flock to feeders, observing squirrels busily gathering nuts, and enjoying the earthy scent of damp […]

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Sustainable Sandbanks Garden

Reuse, recycle, repurpose. At the core of many of our designs, this garden was no exception. Small but full of character, this sustainable Sandbanks garden has been transformed from a stark, soulless car park to a soft, lush garden full of life. The garden serves as a retreat away from the hubbub of busy beaches, […]